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We have collected wiring and fuse diagrams for you in one place - on Helping car enthusiasts as a hobby.

We are glad to welcome you to the! This is kind of collection of fuse diagrams & relay blocks. Each entity grouped by car brand and model.

Our articles will be useful to all car enthusiasts. We will show you where the fuses are located, what they are responsible for, as well as how to replace it correctly. All the schemes and video instructions are on our website!

You do not have to guess or manually sort through fuse blocks yourself in order to find out which one is responsible for the cigarette lighter, and which one is responsible for the headlights or interior lighting.

Not always, that would get rid of the problems with the car, it is necessary to apply to the service. With the help of our articles, you will find out the exact location of the required fuse and replace it yourself, which means you will save a lot of money.