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Acura TL (2002) Fuse Box Diagram

avatar Jonathan Yarden Mar 25, 2021 · 5 min. read

In this article you will find a description of fuses and relays Acura, with photos of block diagrams and their locations. Highlighted the cigarette lighter fuse (as the most popular thing people look for).
Get tips on blown fuses, replacing a fuse, and more.

Year of production: 2002

Under-hood ABS Fuse/Relay Box

Socket Ref Terminal Connects to
A 4 2 Left engine compartment wire harness
ABS pump motor relay 2    
B 3 3 Left engine compartment wire harness
T5 1   Starter cable

Acura TL – fuse box diagram - under-hood ABS Fuse/Relay Box

Under-hood Fuse/Relay Box

Fuse [A] Wire color Components or circuit protect
41 120 — Battery, Power distribution
42 60 WHT Ignition switch (BAT)
43 20 RED/GRN Right headlight, Daytime running lights control unit (Canada)
44 — — —
45 20 RED/YEL High beam indicator light, Left headlight, Daytime running lights control unit (Canada), High beam cut relay (Canada)
46 15 WHT/GRN Data link connector (DLC), PGM-FI main relay
47 20 WHT/YEL ABS/TCS control unit* 2, Brake lights, Cruise control unit, High mount brake light, Horns, Ignition key light, Key interlock solenoid, Multi plex control unit, driver’s, VSA control unit* 1
48 20 GRN* 1 VSA modulator unit (via VSA relay)
BLU * 2 ABS/TCS modulator unit (via TCS relay)
49 15 WHT/GRN Hazard warning lights
50 20 PNK*1 VSA control unit (via VSA throttle motor relay)
51 40 WHT/BLU No.1, 7, 8, 15 and 16 fuses (in the passenger’s under-dash fuse/ relay box)
52 20 BLU/RED Fog lights
53 40 WHT/GRN Rear window defogger (via rear window defogger relay in the passenger’s under-dash fuse/relay box)
54 40 YEL No. 9, 10, 11 , 12 and 13 f uses (in the passenger’s under-dash fuse/ relay box)
55 40 YEL/GRN No. 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 fuses (in the passenger’s under-dash fuse/ relay box)
56 40 YEL/BLK Blower motor
57 30A* 1 BLU/BLK Fan control relay, Radiator fan motor
20A* 2 Radiator fan motor
58 30A* 1 BLU/YEL Condenser fan motor
WHT No. 14 fuse (in the passenger’s under-dash fuse/relay box)
20A* 2 BLU/YEL Condenser fan motor
WHT Fan control module
59 15 RED/GRN A/T gear position console light, Audio unit, Climate control unit, Clock, Cruise mainNSA (or TCS) switch light, Dash light brightness controller, Gauge lights, Glove box light, Hazard warning light, License plate light, Multiplex control units, Mode switch light, Moon roof switch light, Navigation display and unit, Parking lights, Seat heater switch light, Side marker lights, Select/reset switch light, Taillights, Vanity mirror lights
*1: TYPE 5

Driver’s UndWHTer-dash Fuse/Relay Box

Fuse [A] Wire color Component or circuit protected
1 15 RED/WHT PGM-FI main relay
2 10 BLK/WHT SRS unit (VB)
3 7,5 BLK/YEL A!C compressor clutch relay, Blower motor re lay, Climate control unit, Fan control module, Fan control relay* 1, Recirculation control motor
4 7,5 YEL/BLK ABS/TCS cont rol unit, Power mirror actuators, Power mirror defoggers, Seat heater relay, VSA control unit * 1
box socket
Optional connector
5 7,5 YEL/RED Daytime running lights control unit (Canada)
6 15 BLK/YEL Alternator, Charging system light, Cruise control unit, Cruise mainNSA (or TCS) switch indicator light, ELD unit, Engine mount control solenoid valve, EVAP bypass solenoid valve, EVAP canister vent shut valve, EVAP purge control solenoid valve, Fan control module, Intake manifold runner control module * 1, PCM, Primary and secondary heated oxygen sensors, Shift lock relay, VSA control unit* 1
7 7,5 YEL/GRN OPDS unit
8 7,5 YEL/BLK Accessory power socket relay, Navigation unit, Shift lock solenoid
Fuse/ relay
box socket
Optional connector
9 7,5 YEL A/T reverse relay, Automatic dimming mirror, Brake light failure sensor, Clock, DRL indicator light (Canada), Gauge assembly, Keyless receiver unit,
Multiplex control unit, passenger’s, Power seat control unit, Seat belt tension reducer solenoids, Shift lock relay
Fuse/ relay
box socket
Multiplex control unit, driver’s
10 7,5 YEL/RED Turn signal/hazard relay
11 15 BLK/YEL Ignition coils
12 30 GRN/BLK Windshield washer motor, Windshield wiper intermittent relay, Windshield wiper mot or, Multiplex control unit, driver’s
13 7,5 BLU/ORN PCM, PGM-FI main relay
*1 : TYPES

Acura TL – fuse box diagram - driver's dash fuse box

Passenger’s Under-dash Fuse/Relay Box

Fuse [A] Wire color Components or circuit protected
1 20 GRN/WHT Driver ‘s power window motor, Power window control unit
2 20 RED Driver’s power seat recline motor and rear up-down motor
3 20 WHT/GRN Driver’s and passenger’s seat heaters
4 20 BLU Driver’s power seat slide motor and front up-down motor
5 20 RED Front passenger’s power seat slide motor
6 20 WHT/RED Front passenger’s power seat recline motor
7 20 WHT/YEL Left rear power window motor, Moonroof relays
8 20 BLU/BLK Front passenger’s power window motor
9 20 WHT/GRN Audio unit, Front and rear accessory power sockets, Stereo amplifier
10 10 RED/YEL Navigation display and unit
RED/BLU Daytime running lights control unit (Canada)
11 7,5 WHT/BLU Ceiling light, Courtesy light, Spotlights, Trunk light, Power seat control unit
12 20 WHT Trunk lid opener solenoid
Fuse/ relay box socket Multiplex control unit, passenger’s
13 7,5 WHT/RED Climate control unit, Gauge assembly, Immobilizer indicator light, Multiplex control units, driver’s and door, PCM (VBU), Security indicator light, Power window control unit, Fan control module* 1, Driving position memory switch indicators, Keyless receiver unit
Fuse/ relay box socket Multiplex control unit, passenger’s
14 7,5 RED A/C compressor clutch
15 30 GRN Moonroof motor
16 20 WHT/BLK Right rear power window motor


Acura TL – fuse box diagram - passenger's dash fuse box

Under-hood ABS Fuse/Relay Box

Fuse [A] Wire Components or circuit protected
61 40 — ABS pump motor
62 20 WHT/GRN ABS pump motor relay, VSA relay, VSA throttle motor relay, ABS/TCS modulator unit, VSA modulator unit
63 7,5 GRN VSA control unit, ABS/TCS control unit

WARNING: Terminal and harness assignments for individual connectors will vary depending on vehicle equipment level, model, and market.

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