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Alfa Romeo Giulia (2016 - 2018) - fuse box diagram

avatar Jonathan Yarden Dec 30, 2020 · 5 min. read

In this article you will find a description of fuses and relays Alfa Romeo, with photos of block diagrams and their locations. Highlighted the cigarette lighter fuse (as the most popular thing people look for).
Get tips on blown fuses, replacing a fuse, and more.

Year of production: 2016, 2017, 2018

Baterry fuse terminal

Alfa Romeo Giulia - fuse box diagram - battery terminal

Fuse Description A
F5A ORC System (Pyrotechnic Fuse) N/A
F71 IBS (ABS) 30
F72 BCM 1 70
F73 BCM 2 70
F74 Rear PDC 175

Battery jump post

Alfa Romeo Giulia - fuse box diagram - battery jump post

Fuse Description A
F100A Engine coooling fan 80
F101 EPS 80

Underhood – Power distribution Center (PDC)

Alfa Romeo Giulia - fuse box diagram - battery engine compartment power distribution center (PDC)

Fuse Description A
F01 MK C1 ABS Modul 70
F02 Glow plug control unit 60
F03 For BCM relay T38 30
F04 ABS module fans 40
F06 Splitter 30
F07 Main relay (2.9V6 master) 50
F08 N/A 40
F09 +30 ECM (2.02GME – 2.9V6 Salve); +30 P86 main relay 7,5
F10 Horn 15
F11 Engine secondary loads (2.02GME) 15
Engine primary loads (2.9V6 slave)
F14 Blow-by heater (2.2JTDM) 15
F16 KL15 fro ECM, ATX, DCTM 5
F17 ECM (2.2JTDM) 15
F18 +30 ATC (if equipped) N/A
F19 A/C Compressor 10
F20 N/A 7,5
F22 ECM engine primary loads (slave 2.9V6 and 2.2JTDM) 20
F23 Additional electric water pump (2.9V6/2.2JTDM) 20
F24 For JTDM engine secondary loads 15
F30 KL30 ATX Lever 10
F82 Windscreen washer 20
F83 AWD* 25
F84 +30 ECM 2.9 V6 Master 7,5
F87 Gerarbox oil cooling circuit electric pump (2.9 V6) 15
F89 Headlight washer pump 30
F90 Left splitter actuator (slave) 20
FXX Right splitter actuator (master) 20
Relay Description A
T07 Main relay (2.9V6 master) N/A
T09 Main relay (JTDM, GIMe, 2.9V6 slave) N/A
T17 Headlight washer pump N/A

Rear – Power distribution Center (PDC)

Alfa Romeo Giulia - fuse box diagram - rear power distribution center (PDC)

Fuse Alternate Description A
F01 Fuse F01 40A TTM 40
F01 Fo1TT TTM (Trailer tow) 15
F02 USE F02 40A ECU Chassis domain control 40
F02 F02TT ECU Chassis domain control (trailer tow) 15
F03 F03TT N/A (trailer tow) 10
F04 FUSE F04 40A Heated filter 40
F04 F04TT Heated filter (trailer tow) 10
F05 FUSE F05 40A HVAC fan 40
F06 FUSE F06 30A TV/M/LSDM (power) 30
F07 FUSE F04 60A PTC3 60
F08 FUSE F08 30A HI-FI 30
F09 FUSE F09 20A Passenger’s electric seat movement 20
F10 FUSE 10 10A/15A ANC (Sound system) 10A/15A
F14 FUSE F14 15A KL30 ATX 15
F15 FUSE F15 40A PTC1 40
F17 FUSE F17 7,5A KL15/A USB REACHER 7,5
F18 FUSE F18 10A Driver’s electric seat movemnet 10
F19 FUSE F19 7,5A KL30 ECU chassis domain control 7,5
F20 FUSE F20 25A Power supply for driver’s electric seat + driver and passenger heaters 25
F21 FUSE F21 10A I-DRIVE/USB/AUX port 10
F22 FUSE F22 10A KL15/A 12V power socket 20
F23 FUSE F23 20A Sunroof (BCM) 20
F81 FUSE F81 60A PTC2 60
F82 FUSE F82 20A BCM for key relay 20
F83 FUSE F83 30A Fuel pump  (2.9V/2.2 JTDM) 30
F84 FUSE F84 5A TVM/LSDL (electronic) 5
F88 FUSE F88 7,5A Heated mirrors/heated windscreen washer nozzles 7,5
F89 FUSE F89 30A Rear window defroster 30
F30 FUSE F90 5A IBS 5
Relay Alternate Description A
R3 N/A Trailer tow N/A
T02 N/A Active damping N/A
T07 N/A PTC 3 N/A
T08 N/A Power seat N/A
T09 N/A Power outlet N/A
T10 N/A Fuel pump N/A
T17 N/A Rear defroster N/A
T20 N/A Blower motor N/A
T31 N/A Filter heater N/A

Body Control Module (BCM)

Alfa Romeo Giulia - fuse box diagram - body control module BCM

Fuse Description A
F31 Int/A power supply (key-on) 7,5
F33 Electric window motor driver’s side 25
F34 Electric window motor passenger’s side 25
F36 Direct power supply from battery +30 15
F37 Int power supply (key-on) 10
F38 Central door locking 20
F42 Int key-on power supply (possible use for ECU 6.1) 7,5
F43 Windscreen washer pump 20
F47 Rear electric window motor left side 25
F48 Rear electric window motor left side 25
F49 Int key-on power supply 7,5
F50 Int key-on power supply (possible use for ECU 6.1) 7,5
F51 N/A 7,5
F53 Direct power supply from battery +30 7,5
F94 Power sockets 15

2.9L AUX PDC Underhood

Alfa Romeo Giulia - fuse box diagram - 2.9 AUX PDC Underhood

Fuse Description A
F1 Splitter actuators 10
F4 Secondary master 5
F5 Secondary loads (slave) 25
F7 Primary loads ECM master 20
Relay Description
R1 Horns
R2 A/C Clutch
R6 Starter solenoid 1
T52 Water pump
T53 Blow by control

Control Unit Under Passenger Side Footboard

The fuses locate  below the passenger side foot.

Alfa Romeo Giulia - fuse box - passeneger side control unit

Function Fuse Ampere rating
Front power window (driver side) F33 25
Front power window (passenger side) F34 25
Supply for Connect system, Climate Control system, Alarm, Power door mirror folding, EOBD system, USB port F36 15
Safe Lock device (driver side door unlock – if equipped), Doors unlock, Central lock F38 20
Windshield washer pump F43 20
Rear left power window F47 25
Rear right power window F48 25
Heater rear window coil, cigar lighter F94 15

Luggage Compartment Fuse Box

Alfa Romeo Giulia - fuse box - luggage compartment

Function Fuse Ampere rating [A]
Tow hook module (TTM) F1 40
Hi-Fi system F8 30
KL15/a USB Recharge (C070) F17 7,5
I-Drive / USB / AUX port F21 10
KL15/a 12V Power outlet (R053) F22 20

WARNING: Terminal and harness assignments for individual connectors will vary depending on vehicle equipment level, model, and market.

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