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Audi A6 (C4) (1994 - 1997) Fuse Box Diagram

avatar Jonathan Yarden Jan 31, 2021 · 5 min. read

In this article you will find a description of fuses and relays Audi, with photos of block diagrams and their locations. Highlighted the cigarette lighter fuse (as the most popular thing people look for).
Get tips on blown fuses, replacing a fuse, and more.

Year of production: 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997


Audi A6 (C4) - fuse box diagram - location

  1. Auxiliary relay panel II
  2. Central electric panel with relay holder
  3. Fuse panel
  4. Connector station I
  5. Auxiliary relay panel I
  6. Emergency flasher relay -J2-
  7. Radio/parking light warning buzzer -J152-
  8. Electronic control box
  9. Board computer range calibration regulator -E46-
  10. Servotronic control module -J236-
  11. Connector station II
  12. Auxiliary relay panel III
  13. Shift lock warning buzzer -H9-
  14. Airbag system connector
  15. A/C control head -E87-
  16. Airbag triggering unit -J178-
  17. Connector station III

Instrument Panel Fuse Block

Audi A6 (C4) - fuse box diagram - instrument panel

1 High Beam Headlight, Right
Instrument Cluster
2 High Beam Headlight, Lett 10
3 Headlight, Right 10
4 Headlight, Left 10
5 Parking Light, Right
Tail Light, Right
Brake Light, Right
6 Parking Light, Left
Tail Light, Left
Brake Light, Left
7 Engine Compartment Light
Glove Compartment Light
License Plate Light
8 Luggage Compartment
Light Footwell Light,
Left Footwell Light, Right
9 Brake Light Switch
Brake Light
10 Emergency Flasher Switch
Central Locking / Alarm System / Interior Light Delay Control Module
11 Fresh Air Blower 30
12 Rear Window Defogger
Mirror Heating Elements
13 Windshield Wiper Motor
Washer Nozzle Heaters
Turn Signals
14 Seat Belt Warning Light
Lamp Control Module, Rear
15 Instrument Cluster
Mirror Adjustment Switch
16 Rear Fog Light 15
17 FP (Fuel Pump) 15
18 Rear Window Wiper Motor (Wagon) 15
19 Dual Horn Relay
Data Link Connector
20 Cruise Control Switch 5
21 ABS 15

Auxiliary relay panel I

Audi A6 (C4) - fuse box diagram - auxiliary relay panel I

1 Control cooling fan with engine off Relay
2 Coolant FC (Fan Control) Relay
3 Fog Light Relay
4 Intensive Washer Pump Relay
5 Not used
6 Intensive Washer Pump Relay
7 Daytime Running Lights Relay (Switch-On), J90 (Canada Only)
8 Selector Lever Light Relay. J307
9 A/C Clutch Relay, J44
10 A/C Clutch Control Module, J153
11 Rear Window / Wiper Washer Relay, J31
12 Not used
13 Speaker Power Supply Relay, J225
14 Lamp Control Module, Rear, J124
15 Lamp Control Module, Rear, J124
16 Control Module Alarm Horn, J31
17 A/C Relay, J32
Circuit breakers
A1 Automatic Window Closing Circuit Breaker (S99)
A2 Central Locking System Motor Circuit Breaker (S85)
A3 Power Window Circuit Breaker (S43)
A4 Radio Circuit Breaker (S84)
A5 Heated Seat Circuit Breaker (S79)
B1 Memory Seat Adjusting Circuit Breaker (S44)
B2 Power Seat Circuit Breaker (S80)
B3 Door Lock Heating Element Circuit Breaker (S86)
B4 Not used
B5 Sunroof Circuit Breaker (S83)

Auxiliary relay panel II

Audi A6 (C4) - fuse box diagram - auxiliary relay panel II

No. Function/component
1 Power Window Control Module, J139
2 Power Window Control Module, J139
3 Automatic Window Closing Relay, J261
4 ABS Combi Relay, J156
5 Shift Lock Control Module, J221
6 Automatic Transmission Relay, J60
7 Electronic Damping Control Module Fuse, S31
8 Coolant Fan Fuse, S42

Auxiliary relay panel III

Audi A6 (C4) - fuse box diagram - auxiliary relay panel III

No. Function/component
1 Not used
2 Airbag Control Light Relay, J312
3 Not used
4 Not used
5 Switch unit for water pump, relay fan stage 1
6 Not used
7 Oxygen sensor heater
8 Pump air in exhaust manifold

Central electric panel with relay holder

Audi A6 (C4) - fuse box diagram - central electric panel with relay holder

No. Function/component
1 Load Reduction Relay, J59
2 Dual Horn Relay, J4
3 Headlight Washer System Relay, J39
4 Back-Up Light Relay (Manual Transmission), J219
PNP (Park/Neutral Position) Relay (Automatic Transmission), J226
5 Washer / Wiper Intermittent Relay, J31
6 FP (Fuel Pump) Relay, J17

WARNING: Terminal and harness assignments for individual connectors will vary depending on vehicle equipment level, model, and market.

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