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Ford Focus (1999 - 2007) - outdoor temperature sensor installation/location

avatar Jonathan Yarden Oct 22, 2021 · 5 min. read

In this article you will find a description of fuses and relays Ford, with photos of block diagrams and their locations. Highlighted the cigarette lighter fuse (as the most popular thing people look for).
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Article describes installation of outdoor temperature sensor in Ford Focus MK2. It describes a retro-fitting process, ie. after gauge change to lifted version, but it can help in many other cases, ie. if we only want to discover outdoor temperature sensor’s location.

Required tools:

– car key – we’ll be unable to open the hood without it,

– Phillips screwdriver PH2.

Outdoor temperature sensor, which will fit to Ford Focus MK2 (but also to ie. Fiesta, Fusion, Mondeo, Kuga, C-Max, S-Max etc.), looks like this.

Ford Focus MK2 outdoor temperature sensor

Sensor’s marks:


6PT 004741-06

1S7F-10K 936-AA

Ford’s part numbers: 1117860, 1488894.

Ford Focus MK 2 outdoor temperature sensor

Without sensor installed, our gauges looks like this:

Ford Focus MK2 gauges without outdoor temp sensor

Without readings from outdoor temperature sensor our gauges show three dashes. Also we can see red snowflake icon, which means that outside temperature is below 1°C.

Sensor is located on the front crash member, just behind the bumper. First step to fit our outside temp sensor is to open the hood and disassemble front grille.

Ford Focus MK2 grille disassembly

With screwdriver unscrew and remove threaded bolts (they are blocking clips) marked red, remove clips, and loose locks marked orange.

Gently push grille to front. Disengage front lock’s joint.

Ford Focus MK2 disengaged front locks joint

Just after front grille removal.

Ford Focus MK2 front grille disassembled

Now we can enough space to install our temp sensor.

Ford Focus MK2 outdoor temperature sensor location Ford Focus MK2 outdoor temperature sensor location

On the picture above you can see the place for sensor (marked red), and its connector (marked orange).

Pull off dummy plug from socket, install temp sensor and connect it to the socket. Make sure that the socket is clean and you can lock sensor’s connector.

Fitted sensor looks like this.

Ford Focus MK2 outdoor temperature sensor assembled

After connecting our temp sensor, gauge readings changes to -40°C.

WARNING: During refitting the grille make sure that you locked the front lock’s joint (see picture below). Otherwise you’ll be unable to open the hood!

Ford Focus MK2 engaged locks joint

Temperature grows very very slow.

Ford Focus MK2 gauges after outdoor temperature sensor installation

We can speed up this process by the gauge reset. To reset our gauges, just pull off for a while a 10Amps fuse marked F46 from main fuse box.

Ford Focus MK2 gauges fuse F46

F46 is 4th fuse from left in upper row (marked red).

Ford Focus MK2 gauges after reset and outsied temperature sensor installation

After gauge reset, we have correct readings instantly, but we’ve lost all gauge’s data (ie. clock, powersteering settings, average speed and fuel consumption etc.).

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