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GMC Denali (2002) Fuse Box Diagram

avatar Jonathan Yarden Mar 25, 2021 · 5 min. read

In this article you will find a description of fuses and relays GMC, with photos of block diagrams and their locations. Highlighted the cigarette lighter fuse (as the most popular thing people look for).
Get tips on blown fuses, replacing a fuse, and more.

Year of production: 2002

Instrument Panel Fuse Block

GMC Denali - fuse box - instrument panel

The fuse block access door is on the driver’s side edge of the instrument panel. Pull off the cover to access the fuse block.

Name Usage
HVAC 1 Climate Control System
IGN 3 Ignition, Power Seats
BRAKE Anti-Lock Brake System
HTR A/C Climate Control System
IGN 0 PRND321 Display, Odometer, VCM/PCM
CRUISE Cruise Control, Instrument Cluster
4WD Not Used
TURN Exterior Lamps, Turn Signals, Hazard Lamps
RR WIPER Rear Window Wiper
WS WPR Windshield Wipers
SEO IGN Special Equipment Option, Ignition
L BODY Retained Accessory Power Relay
ILLUM Interior Lamps
IGN 1 Ignition, Instrument Panel
SEO ACCY Special Equipment Option Accessory
CRANK Starting System
SEAT Power Seat Circuit Breaker
MIR/LOCK Power Mirrors, Power Door Locks
DR LOCK Power Door Locks
RAP #1 Retained Accessory Power Relay
LOCK Power Door Locks
INT PRK Interior Lamps
UNLOCK Power Door Locks
DRV UNLOCK Power Door Lock Relay
L DOOR Power Door Lock Relay
PWR WDO Power Window Circuit Breaker
RDO 1 Audio System
LOCK Power Door Lock Relay
UNLOCK Power Door Lock Relay
RAP #2 Rear Power Windows, Sunroof, Radio

Center Instrument Panel Utility Block

GMC Denali - fuse box - central instrument panel

The center instrument panel utility block is located underneath the instrument panel, to the left of the steering column.

Name Usage
SEO Special Equipment Option
TRAILER Trailer Brake Wiring
UPF Upfitter
SPARE 2 Not Used
SPARE 3 Not Used
HTD ST Heated Seats
PWR ST Power Seats
PARK LAMP Parking Lamps
INADV PWR Interior Lamps Feed
SPARE Not Used
SPARE Not Used
PUDDLE LP Puddle Lamps
CTSY LP Courtesy Lamps
VANITY Headliner Wiring
BLANK Not Used
SL RIDE Not Used

Underhood Electrical Center

GMC Denali - fuse box - engine compartment

The underhood electrical center is located in the engine compartment near the battery on the driver’s side of the vehicle. Lift the cover for access to the fuse/relay block.

Name Usage
STUD #1 Accessory Power/Trailer Wiring Feed/Load Leveling
ABS Anti-Lock Brakes
IGN A Ignition Switch
AIR A.I.R. System
RAP #1 Retained Accessory Power, Power Mirrors, Power Door Locks, Power Seat(s)
IGN B Ignition Switch
RAP #2 Retained Accessory Power/Rear Power Windows, Sunroof, Radio
STUD #2 Accessory Power/Trailer Wiring Brake Feed
TRL R TRN Right Turn Signal Trailer Wiring
TRL L TRN Left Turn Signal Trailer Wiring
IGN 1 Ignition, Fuel Controls
INJ-B Ignition, Fuel Controls (Relay)
STARTER Starter (Relay)
PARK LP Parking Lamps
FRT HVAC Climate Control System
STOP LP Exterior Lamps, Stoplamps
CHMSL Center High Mounted Stoplamp
VEH STOP Stoplamps, Cruise Control
TRL B/U Backup Lamps Trailer Wiring
INJ-A Fuel Controls, Ignition
VEH B/U Vehicle Backup Lamps
ENG 1 Engine Controls, Canister Purge, Fuel System
ETC Electronic Throttle Control
IGN E A/C Compressor Relay, Rear Window Defogger, Daytime Running Lamps, A.I.R. System
B/U LP Backup Lamps, Automatic Transmission Shift Lock Control System
ATC Automatic Transfer Case
RR DEFOG Rear Window Defogger, Heated Mirrors (Relay)
RTD Autoride (Real Time Damping)
RR PRK Right Rear Parking Lamps
F/PMP Fuel Pump (Relay)
O2 A Oxygen Sensors
O2 B Oxygen Sensors
LR PRK Left Rear Parking Lamps
RR DEFOG Rear Window Defogger, Heated Mirrors
HDLP Headlamps (Relay)
TRL PRK Parking Lamps Trailer Wiring
PRIME Not Used
RT HDLP Right Headlamps
DRL Daytime Running Lamps (Relay)
HTD MIR Heated Mirrors
LT HDLP Left Headlamps
A/C Air Conditioning
AUX PWR Cigarette Lighter, Auxiliary Power Outlets
SEO 2 Special Equipment Option Power, Power Seats
SEO 1 Special Equipment Option Power
DRL Daytime Running Lamps
A/C A/C (Relay)
FOG LP Fog Lamps
FOG LP Fog Lamps (Relay)
RADIO Audio System, Instrument Cluster, Climate Control System
CIGAR Cigarette Lighter, Auxiliary Power Outlets
RT TURN Right Turn Signals
BTSI Automatic Transmission Shift Lock Control System
LT TURN Left Turn Signals
FR PRK Front Parking Lamps, Sidemarker Lamps
W/W PMP Windshield Washer Pump
HORN Horn (Relay)
IGN C Ignition Switch, Fuel Pump, PRND321 Display, Crank
RDO AMP Radio Amplifier
HAZ LP Exterior Lamps, Hazard Lamps
EXP LPS Not Used
CTSY LP Interior Lamps
RR WPR Rear Wipers
TBC Body Control Module, Remote Keyless Entry, Headlamps

WARNING: Terminal and harness assignments for individual connectors will vary depending on vehicle equipment level, model, and market.

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