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Jeep Grand Cherokee (2017) Fuse Box Diagram

avatar Jonathan Yarden Feb 11, 2021 · 5 min. read

In this article you will find a description of fuses and relays Jeep, with photos of block diagrams and their locations. Highlighted the cigarette lighter fuse (as the most popular thing people look for).
Get tips on blown fuses, replacing a fuse, and more.

Year of production: 2017

Power distribution center

The Power Distribution Center is located in the engine compartment near the battery.

Cavity Cartridge fuse Micro fuse Description
F03 60 Amp Yellow β€” Radiator Fan
F05 40 Amp Green β€” Compressor for Air Suspension if equipped
F06 40 Amp Green β€” Antilock Brakes/Electronic Stability Control Pump
F07 40 Amp Green β€” Starter Solenoid
F09 40 Amp Green β€” Diesel Fuel Heater (Diesel engine only) / Brake Vacuum Pump
F10 40 Amp Green β€” Body Controller / Exterior Lighting #2
F11 30 Amp Pink β€” Trailer Tow Electric Brake – If Equipped
F12 40 Amp Green β€” Body Controller #3 / Interior Lights
F13 40 Amp Green β€” Blower Motor Front
F14 40 Amp Green β€” Body Controller #4 / Exterior Lighting #1
F17 30 Amp Pink β€” Headlamp Washer- If Equipped
F19 20 β€” Headrest Solenoid- If Equipped
F20 30 Amp Pink β€” Passenger Door Module
F22 20 Amp Yellow β€” Engine Control Module
F23 30 Amp Pink β€” Interior Lights #1
F24 30 Amp Pink β€” Driver Door Module
F25 30 Amp Pink β€” Front Wipers
F26 30 Amp Pink β€” Antilock Brakes/Stability Control Module/Valves
F28 20 Amp Yellow β€” Trailer Tow Backup Lights – If Equipped
F29 20 Amp Yellow β€” Trailer Tow Parking Lights – If Equipped
F30 30 Amp Pink β€” Trailer Tow Receptacle – If Equipped
F32 30 Amp Pink β€” Drive Train Control Module
F34 30 Amp Pink β€” Slip Differential Control
F35 30 Amp Pink β€” Sunroof – If Equipped
F36 30 Amp Pink β€” Rear Defroster
F37 30 Amp Pink β€” Rear Blower Motor – If Equipped
F38 30 Amp Pink β€” Power Inverter 115V AC – If Equipped
F39 30 Amp Pink β€” Power Liftgate – If Equipped
F40 10 Amp Red β€” Daytime Running Lights/Headlamp Leveling
F42 β€” 20 Amp Yellow Horn
F44 β€” 10 Amp Red Diagnostic Port
F49 β€” 10 Amp Red Integrated Central Stack / Climate Control
F50 β€” 20 Amp Yellow Air Suspension Control Module – If Equipped
F51 β€” 10 Amp Red Ignition Node Module / Keyless Ignition / Steering Column Lock
F52 β€” 5 Amp Tan Battery Sensor
F53 β€” 20 Amp Yellow Trailer Tow – Left Turn/Stop Lights – If Equipped
F56 β€” 15 Amp Blue Additional Content (Diesel engine only)
F57 β€” 20 Amp Yellow NOX Sensor
F58 β€” 15 Amp Blue HID Headlamps LH – If Equipped
F59 β€” 10 Amp Red Purging Pump (Diesel engine only)
F60 β€” 15 Amp Blue Transmission Control Module
F61 β€” 10 Amp Red Transmission Control Module/PM Sensor (Diesel engine only)
F62 β€” 10 Amp Red Air Conditioning Clutch
F63 β€” 20 Amp Yellow Ignition Coils (Gas), Urea Heater (Diesel)
F64 β€” 25 Amp Natura Fuel Injectors / Powertrain
F66 β€” 10 Amp Red Sunroof / Passenger Window Switches / Rain Sensor
F67 β€” 15 Amp Blue CD / DVD / Bluetooth Hands-free Module – If Equipped
F68 β€” 20 Amp Yellow Rear Wiper Motor
F69 β€” 15 Amp Blue Spotlight Feed – If Equipped
F70 β€” 20 Amp Yellow Fuel Pump Motor
F71 β€” 30 Amp Green Audio Amplifier
F72 β€” 10 Amp Red PCM (If Equipped)
F73 β€” 15 Amp Blue HID Headlamp RH – If Equipped
F75 β€” 10 Amp Red Dual Batt Control (If Equipped)
F76 β€” 10 Amp Red Antilock Brakes/Electronic Stability Control
F77 β€” 10 Amp Red Drivetrain Control Module/Front Axle Disconnect Module
F78 β€” 10 Amp Red Engine Control Module / Electric Power Steering
F80 β€” 10 Amp Red Universal Garage Door Opener / Compass / Anti-Intrusion Module
F81 β€” 20 Amp Yellow Trailer Tow Right Turn/Stop Lights
F82 β€” 10 Amp Red Steering Column Control Module/ Cruise Control
F83 β€” 10 Amp Red Fuel Door
F84 β€” 15 Amp Blue Switch Bank/Instrument Cluster
F85 β€” 10 Amp Red Airbag Module
F86 β€” 10 Amp Red Airbag Module
F87 β€” 10 Amp Red Air Suspension – If Equipped / Trailer
Tow / Steering Column Control Module
F88 β€” 15 Amp Blue Instrument Panel Cluster
F90/91 β€” 20 Amp Yellow Power Outlet (Rear seats) Selectable
F92 β€” 10 Amp Red Rear Console Lamp – If Equipped
F93 β€” 20 Amp Yellow Cigar Lighter
F94 β€” 10 Amp Red Shifter / Transfer Case Module
F95 β€” 10 Amp Red Rear Camera / ParkSense
F96 β€” 10 Amp Red Rear Seat Heater Switch / Flashlamp Charger – If Equipped
F97 β€” 25 Amp Natural Rear Heated Seats & Heated Steering Wheel – If Equipped
F98 β€” 25 Amp Natural Front Heated Seats – If Equipped
F99 β€” 10 Amp Red Climate Control/Driver Assistance Systems Module/DSRC
F100 β€” 10 Amp Red Active Damping – If Equipped
F101 β€” 15 Amp Blue Electrochromatic Mirror/Smart High Beams – If Equipped
F103 β€” 10 Amp Red Cabin Heater (Diesel Engine Only)/Rear HVAC
F104 β€” 20 Amp Yellow Power Outlets (Instrument Panel/Center Console)

WARNING:Β Terminal and harness assignments for individual connectors will vary depending on vehicle equipment level, model, and market.

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