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Volvo 960 (1995 - 1997) - fuse box diagram

avatar Jonathan Yarden Mar 27, 2021 · 5 min. read

In this article you will find a description of fuses and relays Volvo, with photos of block diagrams and their locations. Highlighted the cigarette lighter fuse (as the most popular thing people look for).
Get tips on blown fuses, replacing a fuse, and more.

Year of production: 1995, 1996, 1997

Fuse box

The fuses are located in three different places in the car:

Fuses in the main fuse box (11A) protect the entire electrical supply system.

Fuses in the relay/fuse box (11B) protect the electrical functions and components in the engine compartment.

The fuse box in the passenger compartment (11C) contains the fuses which protect the various functions in the interior of the car.

Main fuse box (Box 11A), at battery

Volvo 960 - main fuse box

Position Function Ampere rating [A]
1 Fuses 11 C/1-1 1 C/4, Overload relay X+ 50
2 Fuses 11C/13-11C/18, automatic fuse, 11 CICB 1, Relay front fog lamps 50
3 Overload relay 151+ 50
4 Fuse 11 811, Fuses 11 812-11 817 (via main relay fuel injection system) 50
5 ABS modulator 50
6 Fuses 118116-118118, Starter motor relay, Air pump relay 50
7 Relay engine coolant fan (FC) 50
8 Relay marker lights/parking lights, Main relay with bulb failure warning sensor 50

Relay/fuse box (Box B)

Volvo 960 - main fuse box

Position Function Ampere rating [A]
1 Engine Control Module (ECM), Ignition switch, Control module AW30-40/43 5
2 Relay A/C 5
3 Heated oxygen sensors (H02S), Pulsed secondary air injection system (PAIR) pump relay, Solenoid valve secondary air injection system, EVAP valve, EVAP canister shut-off valve 15
4 Relay fuel pump 15
5 Injectors, Mass air now (MAF) sensor, Idle air control (lAC) valve, Engine Control Module (ECM) 15
6 Control module AW30-40/43 15
7 Ignition coils 25
8 Front fog lamps 25
9 Spare —
10 Parking lamps, Number plate lamp, Tow hitch, Front fog lamps relay (not Japan, USA, Canada) 15
11 Parking lamps, Tow hitch 15
12 Left high beam. Front fog lamp relay (Japan) 15
13 Right high beam, Warning light high beam, Accessory 15
14 Left dipped beam 15
15 Right dipped beam 15
16 Solenoid switch air conditioning (A/C) 15
17 Horn 15
18 Accessory —

Volvo 960 - fuse box diagram - relay box

Relay Function
A Pulsed secondary air injection syslem (PAIR) pump (2/53)
B Spare
C Fuel injection syslem main relay (2132)
D Spare
E Spare
F NC (2/22)
G Fronl fog lamps (212)
H Spare
J Ignition coils (2/46)
K Starter molor (2/35)
L Dim/dip relay (213)
M Mirker lighlslparking lighls (2/61)
N Horn (2/17)
2/1 Headlamp relay
2/11 Relay engine coolant fan (FC)
2/16 Intermittent tailgate wiper relay
2/20 Relay auto-down’ power window

Fuse box in the passenger compartment (Box 11C)

Volvo 960 - fuse box - passeneger compartment

Volvo 960 - fuse box diagram - instrument panel

Position Function Supply A
1 Rear demisVdoor mirrors 30+ 25 (30)
2 Anti-theft car alarm, Centralloctting 30+ 20
3 Stop (brake) lights, Light switch 30+ 15
4 Ignition switch, Electronic start inhibitor (Immobilizer) 30+ 10
5 Spare X+ —
6 Windscreen wasiVwipe, Headlight wasiVwipe, Hom relay X+ 25
7 Climate unit X+ 20
8 Power passenger seat. Power door mirrors, Tailgate wash/wipe, Instrument and control panel lighting, Outside tel11l&rature sensor X+ 15
9 Radio X+ 15
10 Headlamp range adjustment, Cigarette lighter, Accessories X+ 15
11 Relay central locking/delayed interior lighting(40), Driving mode selector AWJ0.40/43, Electronic start inhibitor (Immobilizer), Gear selector position indicator (S90N90), Alarm siren 15A+ 5
12 ABS 15A+ 5
13 Clock, Courtesy lighting, Glove compartment. lighting, Door open warning lamps, Cargo
compartment lighting, Vanity mirror lighting, Glass breakage sensor
30+ 10
14 Anti-theft car alarm. Remote controlled central locking, Data link connector (DLC), Alarm siren 30+ 10
15 Power antenna, High beam, High beam flash, Tow hitch 30+ 20
16 Accessories 20
17 Tum indicators, Hazard flashers, Anti·theft car alann, Remote controlled central locking 30+ 20
18 Radio, CD changer 30+ 15
19 Back-up (reversing) lamp, Turn signal lamp, Cruise control, Relay low beam (DIM·DIP) 15l+ 15
20 Light switch 15l+ 15
21 Seat belt reminder, Shift lock, Rear demisi, Rear bulb failure warning sensor, Tow hitch, Exhaust tempereture sensor 15l+ 5
22 Heated seat left-hand side 15l+ 15
23 Heated seat riglt·hand side 15l+ 15
24 Rear toglight 15l+ 5

Automatic fuses, 11C

Position Function Supply A
CB1 Power seats 30+ 30
CB2 Power windows, Power sun rool 15l+ 30

WARNING: Terminal and harness assignments for individual connectors will vary depending on vehicle equipment level, model, and market.

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