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Mercedes-Benz Atego Fuse Box Diagram

avatar Jonathan Yarden Mar 25, 2021 · 5 min. read

In this article you will find a description of fuses and relays Mercedes-Benz, with photos of block diagrams and their locations. Highlighted the cigarette lighter fuse (as the most popular thing people look for).
Get tips on blown fuses, replacing a fuse, and more.

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Layout of the fuses on the main fuse carrier

Mercedes-Benz Atego - fuse box diagram - main fuse

Main fuse carrier base module (GM)
1) Spare fuses
2) Fuses F1 – F41
3) Relays

F1 Rear foglamps including trailer 10
F2 Instrument panel/switch lighting, headlamp cleaning system, headlamp range adjustment, distribution (terminal 58) 10
F3 Additional turn signals 10
F4 Pop-up roof, 24 V radio, frequent-stop brake (terminal 30) 10
F5 Working-area lamp, LSVA (Swiss heavy goods vehicle fee), (terminal 30) 10
F6 Unassigned
F7 Distribution (terminal D+) 15
F8 Exterior mirror heating 10
F9 24 V power sockets 15
F10 Digital tachograph, instrument cluster, diagnostics connection (terminal 30) 10
F11 Trailer power socket (terminal 30) 20
F12 Trailer power socket for ABS (terminal 30) 20
F13 Interior lighting, Toll Collect (terminal 30) 10
F14 Headlamp cleaning system 10
F15 Alternator, transmission, LSVA (Swiss heavy goods vehicle fee) (terminal 15) 10
F16 Power take-offs 10
F17 Blower, air-conditioning system 20
F18 Instrument cluster, radio, telephone, hands-free system, fax (terminal 15R) 5
F19 Cigarette lighter 10
F20 Co-driver switch unit 15
F21 Switch unit on the driver’s door 15
F22 Windscreen washer system, turn signals (terminal 30) 10
F23 Dipped-beam headlight, right 10
F24 Dipped-beam headlight, left 10
F25 Main-beam headlamp, right 10
F26 Left main-beam headlamp, main-beam indicator lamp 10
F27 Rear lamp, side lamp, left-hand side marker lamps, trailer power socket, Toll Collect 10
F28 Rear lamp, side lamp, right-hand side marker lamps, trailer power socket 10
F29 Transmission control 15
F30 Engine management (terminal 15), GGVSE: EMERGENCY OFF 10
F31 Driver’s door switch unit, exterior mirror setting, exhaust gas aftertreatment unit (terminal 15) 10
F32 All-wheel drive, ESP®, auxiliary heating water-heater unit 10
F33 Windscreen washer system, turn signals, trailer power socket (terminal 15) 10
F34 Brake lamps, reversing lamp, trailer power socket 10
F35 Condensation sensor, trailer power socket for ABS (terminal 15) 10
F36 Auxiliary heating water-heater unit 15
F37 Windscreen washer system 10
F38 Digital tachograph, instrument cluster, airbag (terminal 15) 10
F39 Horn, Toll Collect, diagnostics connection, FleetBoard®, distribution (terminal 15) 10
F40 Differential lock 10
F41 Seat heating 10

Layout of the fuses on the auxiliary fuse carrier

Mercedes-Benz Atego - fuse box diagram - auxiliary fuse

1) Fuses F1 – F14 (A1)
2) Fuses F1 – F14 (A2)
3) Relays (A31/A32)

F1 Auxiliary heating clock, FleetBoard®, Toll Collect (terminal 30) 10
F2 Auxiliary heating 20
F3 Central locking/enhanced central locking system 15
F4 Enhanced central locking system 15
F5 Electronic brake system, torch socket (terminal 15) 10
F6 12 V power socket 15
F7 Voltage transformer 24 V/12 V/8 A 10
Voltage transformer 24 V/12 V/15 A 15
F8 Central locking/enhanced central locking system, remote control, retarder 10
F9 Compressed-air dryer 10
F10 Distribution (terminal 30) 15
F11 Exhaust gas aftertreatment unit (terminal 30) 15
F12 Loading tailgate 10
F13 Transmission control 10
F14 Working area lamp, retarder 10

F1 Windscreen heating 20
F2 Daytime driving lights 10
F3 Windscreen heating 10
F4 Transmission oil cooling, coolbox 10
Allison transmission oil cooling 25
F5 Electrohydraulic auxiliary steering (terminal 30) 15
F6 Electrohydraulic auxiliary steering (terminal 15) 10
F7 Auxiliary headlamps 10
F8 Rotating beacon 10
F9 Electronic brake system (terminal 30) 15
F10 Telephone/navigation control panel, mobile phone (terminal 30) 10
F11 Unassigned  –
F12 Telephone/navigation control panel, mobile phone (terminal 15) 10
F13 Windscreen heating 20
F14 Electronic brake system (terminal 30) 15

WARNING: Terminal and harness assignments for individual connectors will vary depending on vehicle equipment level, model, and market

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