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Mercedes-Benz S Class w140 (1997) - fuse box

avatar Jonathan Yarden Oct 06, 2021 · 5 min. read

In this article you will find a description of fuses and relays Mercedes-Benz, with photos of block diagrams and their locations. Highlighted the cigarette lighter fuse (as the most popular thing people look for).
Get tips on blown fuses, replacing a fuse, and more.

Year of production: 1997

Front fuse box

Mercedes S Class w140 (1997) - front fuse box

Fuse Ampere rating Colour Description
1 Vacant
2 30 Light green Auxiliary fan
3 40 Amber Time function relay, wiper motor
4 Vacant
5 40 Amber Power fuse, rear compartment fuse box
6 40 Amber (Electric airpump)
7 7,5 Brown (Headlamp range adjustment)
8 7,5 Brown Parking/tail light, left + SML
9 15 Light blue Parking/tail, right, license plate illumin. + SML, headlamp wash/wiper system, daytime running lights
10 7,5 Brown Rear fog light
11 15 Light blue Low beam, left
12 15 Light blue Low beam, right
13 7,5 Brown High beam left, high beam indicator
14 7,5 Brown High beam right, daytime running lights
15 15 Light blue Radio, dual – spring belt control, rear make-up mirror (seat heating, trip computer), head flasher, wiper/washer – system, airbag fault indicat. rain sensor
16 15 Light blue Cigar lighter, glove comp. light
17 20 Yellow Instrum. cluster, turn signal/hazard warn. flasher, ceiling light (steering angle sensor), for diesel: key shut-off
18 15 Light blue Automatic climate control, (trip computer)
19 7,5 Brown Seatbelt speed warning device
20 10 Red Control unit and A/C compressor, automatic climate control, control unit daytime running lights
21 20 Yellow Heating wipe/wash system, outside mirror, tr. oil cooler, automatic climate control
22 15 Light blue Ignition coils
23 7,5 Brown Stop lamp, ASR switch, tempomat-cruise control
24 7,5 Brown Instrument cluster, bulb control unit, ceiling light daytime running lights, (magnetic cluch-air pump), anti-dazzle-device
25 15 Light blue Backip lamp, automatic transmission HMS-SFI (Motronic) switchover valve control, fanfare horns
26 10 Red Fog lamp
27 Vacant
28 7,5 Brown Automatic aerial
29 20 Yellow (Load current, front seat heating)
30 20 Yellow Seat adjustm. memory, steering wheel/mirror adjust. memory, steering wheel adjustment, mirror adjustmen,
31 30 Light green (Rear seat bench, head restraints) not for Coupe
(Individual rear seat with head restraint, left), not for Coupe
32 30 Light green (Individual rear seat with head restraint, right), not for Coupe
7,5 Brown Rear head restraints left, right (only Coupe)
33 Vacant
34 7,5 Brown Saf. belt handover arm. (coupe), (front seat heater)
35 15 Light blue (Sun blind), relay comfort circuity
36 Vacant
37 30 Light green Front left seat adjustment
38 30 Light green Front left seat adjustment
39 Vacant
40 30 Light green Front right seat adjustment
41 30 Light green Front right seat adjustment


Rear fuse box

Mercedes S Class w140 (1997) - rear fuse box

Fuse Ampere rating Colour Description
1 15 Light blue (Rear air conditioner)
2 7,5 Brown Anti-theft locking syst., infared remote control, (rear seat heating)
3 20 Yellow Centr. lock. syst., closing syst. aid., cig. lighter, rear
4 Vacant
5 30 Light green Window lift
6 30 Lighter green Window lift
7 7,5 Brown Vanity mirror illumination, rear
10 Red Vanity mirror illumination, rear, (refrigerator-box)
8 Vacant
9 30 Light green (Closing aid system)
10 7,5 Brown (Telephone)
11 20 Yellow Window lift, luggage compartment light, central locking syst., (celling/reading light, rear)
12 20 Yellow (Load current, rear seat heating)
13 30 Light green Fuel pump
14 25 White (Sliding roof)
15 25 White Anti-theft locking sy./infrared remote control, rear head restraints
16 30 Light green Tuner, amplifer, sound system
17 Vacant

WARNING: Terminal and harness assignments for individual connectors will vary depending on vehicle equipment level, model, and market.

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