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Ford Windstar (2001 - 2002) Fuse Box Diagram

avatar Jonathan Yarden Feb 16, 2021 · 5 min. read

In this article you will find a description of fuses and relays Ford, with photos of block diagrams and their locations. Highlighted the cigarette lighter fuse (as the most popular thing people look for).
Get tips on blown fuses, replacing a fuse, and more.

Year of production: 2001, 2002

Passenger compartment fuse panel

The fuse panel is located below and to the left of the steering wheel by the brake pedal.

Ford Windstar mk2 - fuse box - passenger compartment

Fuse Ampere rating [A] Circuit protected
1 10 Right Stepwell Lamp, Left Stepwell Lamp, Right Puddle Lamp, Left Puddle Lamp, Left 2nd Row Reading Lamp, Right 2nd Row Reading Lamp, Left 3rd Row Reading Lamp, Right 3rd Row Reading Lamp, Cargo Lamp, Dome Lamp, Map Lamp, LH Visor/Vanity Lamp, RH Visor/Vanity Lamp, Remote Keyless Entry Keypad, Left Turn Signal Mirror, Right Turn Signal Mirror
2 25 Glove Box Lamp, LH I/P Courtesy Lamp, RH I/P Courtesy Lamp, Video Cassette Player
3 10 LH Power Mirror Motor, RH Power Mirror Motor, Adjustable Pedal Motor, Memory Module (if equipped)
4 — Not Used
5 20 Console Power Point
6 15 Radio, Compact Disc Changer, Remote Keyless Entry Module, PSD (Power Sliding Door) Module RH and LH, Rear Seat Radio Controller (if equipped), Rear Seat Entertainment Module (if equipped)
7 15 Left Rear Turn Lamp, Right Backup Lamp, Right Stop Lamp, Right Rear Park Lamp, Right License Lamp, Left License Lamp, LH Backup Lamp
8 20 Rear Electronic Module (RHF/RH Sliding/LH Sliding/Liftgate Door Lock Motors, Aux. Air Blend Door Motor, Aux. Air Mode Door Motor)
9 10 Cluster, PATS Transceiver, Powertrain Control Module Relay (coil)
10 15 Heated Backlite Relay (coil), Speed Control Module, ABS Module or IVD Module, Heat Seat Switch (RH/LH) (if equipped), Heated Seat Module (RH/LH) (if equipped), Cluster, Front Temp Blend Door Actuator, Brake Shift Interlock Solenoid, Powertrain Control Module, Power Sliding Door Module RH and LH, Reverse Sensing System, Front A/C Control Head, Steering Wheel Angle Sensor (if equipped)
11 15 Electric Brake Controller, Brake Shift Interlock Solenoid, Rear Electronic Module
12 20 Center High-Mount Stop Lamp
13 10 Right Rear Turn Lamp, Left Stop Lamp, Left Rear Park Lamp
14 10 Autolamp Sensor, Transmission Overdrive Cancel Switch, Front Electronic Module, Compass Module, Electrochromatic Mirror, Power Sliding Door Overhead Console Switch
15 20 Console Power Point
16 10 Cluster
17 20 Cigar Lighter/Powerpoint, Datalink Connector
18 10 LH Quarter Window Motor, RH Quarter Window Motor, RH Window Switch Backlighting, RH Lock Switch Backlighting, Master Control Switch (LH) Backlighting, Radio, Video Cassette Player, Liquid Crystal Display, Front Electronic Module
19 10 Starter Interrupt Relay (coil)
20 — Not Used
21 — Not Used
22 10 LH Heated Mirror, RH Heated Mirror
23 20 Body Powerpoint, Auxiliary Blower Relay #1 and #2
24 — Not Used
25 10 Radio (Anti-theft)
26 10 Airbag Module, Passenger airbag deactivated indicator, Passenger Seat Weight Pressure sensor ECU
27 15 Not Used
28 10 Cluster
29 — Not Used
Relay 1 — Switched System Power Relay #4
Relay 2 — Accessory Delay Relay
Relay 3 — Front Blower Motor Relay
Relay 4 — Switched System Power Relay #3
Relay 5 — Rear Defrost Relay
Relay 6 — Auxiliary Blower Motor Relay

Power distribution box

The power distribution box is located in the engine compartment.

Ford Windstar mk2 - fuse box - power distribution box

Fuse Ampere rating [A] Circuit protected
1 30* Powertrain Control Module Relay
2 10* Powertrain Control Module, Front Electronic Module
3 10* A/C Compressor Clutch
4 25* Horns, Horn Relay (coil)
5 15* Fuel Pump Motor, Powertrain Control Module
6 30* Front Wiper Motor, Front Wiper Relay, Front Washer Pump, FEM
7 25* Rear Wiper Motor, Rear Washer Pump, Rear Wiper Relay (coil)
8 — Not Used
9 15* Right Headlamp (Low and High Beam)
10 15* Right Front Park Lamp, Right Front Turn Lamp, Right Front Cornering Lamp, Right Front Auxiliary Driving Lamp
11 15* Left Front Park Lamp, Left Front Turn Lamp, Left Front Cornering Lamp, Left Front, Auxiliary Driving Lamp
12 15* Left Headlamp (Low and High Beam)
13 10 Alternator Field Sense
14 10* Front Electronic Module (LH Door Lock Motor)
15 20* T/T park Lamps
16 20- T/T Turn Lamps
17 Not used
18 — Not used
19 15* AX4S Transaxle, Vapor Management Valve, A/C Clutch Relay Coil, EGR Control Solenoid, Engine Fuel Control HO2S #11 Sensor, Engine Fuel Control HO2S #21 Sensor, Catalyst Monitor HO2S #12 Sensor, Catalyst Monitor HO2S #22 Sensor, Canister Vent Solenoid, Intake Manifold Runner Control
20 15* Ignition Coil, Intake Air Control Valve, Fuel Injectors #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, Mass Air Flow Sensor, Fuel Pump Relay Coil, Intake Manifold Runner Control, HI-Speed Cooling Fan Relay Coil, LO-Speed Cooling Fan Relay Coil, Powertrain Control Module, Passive Anti-Theft Receiver
21 — Not Used
22 — Not Used
23 — Not Used
24 — Not Used
101 40** ABS Module or IVD Module
102 40** ABS Module or IVD Module
103 40** SSP4 Relay, SSP4 Relay (coil)
104 40** LH Power Seat Motors (if equipped), LH Power Lumbar Motor (if equipped), Driver Seat Memory Module (if equipped)
105 30** Starter Motor Solenoid, Ignition Switch
106 30** Delayed Accessory Relay, Delayed Accessory Relay (coil), Front Electronic Module, RHF Window Motor
107 50** RH/LH Engine Cooling Fan Motors, Cooling Fan Dropping Resistor
108 — Not Used
109 30** Heated Seat Modules (RH/LH)
110 50** RH Power Sliding Door Module
111 40** Fuse Junction Box
112 30** Trailer Tow, Electric Brake Controller
113 30** Front Electronic Module (LH Window Motor)
114 40** SSP3 Relay, SSP3 Relay (coil)
115 50** Fuse Junction Box Bus #2
116 30** Heated Backlight Relay
117 40** Auxiliary Blower Relay (coil), Auxiliary Blower Motor
118 50** LH Power Sliding Door Module
119 30** Fuse Junction Box Bus #1
120 40** Front Blower Relay (coil), Front Blower Motor
121 20** Ignition Switch, Rear Defrost Relay (coil)
122 40** RH Power Seat Motors, RH Power Lumbar Motor
201 — Not Used
202 — Front Wiper ON/OFF Relay
203 — Rear Wiper Relay
204 — A/C Clutch Relay
205 — Horn Relay
206 — Not Used
207 — Fuel Pump Relay
208 — Not Used
209 — Front Wiper Hi/Low Relay
301 — Not Used
302 — Start Interrupt Relay
303 — High Speed Engine Cooling Fan Relay
304 — Powertrain Control Module Relay
401 — Not Used
501 — Powertrain Control Module Diode
502 — Not Used
503 — Not Used
* Mini Fuses

** Maxi Fuses

WARNING: Terminal and harness assignments for individual connectors will vary depending on vehicle equipment level, model, and market.

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